Volume 16 – Issue 8 – October 2016

Sulphur Springs Corvette Club Show┬Ł


This year the second largest Car Show after Hot Spring that TOGCC participated in was Sulphur Springs. The weather was beautiful with an estimated over 100 Cars a very good turn out. TOGCC entered 7 Corvettes. With 57% of our entries winning trophies, you might say it was a successful club outing. Two of the other three were show winning quality, just wasn’t their day.

Sulphur Springs is famous for many things, one is their beautiful Square that makes a great venue for Annual Sulphur Springs Corvette Club Show. Within this square is another item that has national fame is their modern high tech out houses. The first picture that follows is the One way Mirrored Out House from the out side. The second picture is from the inside looking out. See page 2 for the Winners!

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First Runner Up in Mid Year C2 Class First Runner Up in the C3 Class
Jerry Schroeder John Paul (JP)

First Place in the Very Competitive First Runner up in the very tough

SIC Coupe Class Doug Corbin SIC Convertible Class John Pearce

Congratulations to Doug Corbin, Jerry Schroeder, John Paul, and John Pearce. TOGCC is proud of you.

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It was a good day. It seems that we have been a little snake bit trying to get everyone home without incident. I ran over some trash and ruined a tire. But compared to the Tali-mena Run of a few weeks ago, I guess I was the lucky one. Dennis

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October Minutes 2016

October 4, 2016

No minutes from September meeting. Louise was absent. As of today we have $6,381.39.

No new member or new corvettes this month.

John Pearce attended Sonic car show On Hawkins Parkway a couple of weeks ago.

Dennis Dick reminded everyone that Whataburger Night was Oct. 6 and Marshall Cruise Night is October 8th.

Jerry Schroeder told about Daingerfield Days this Saturday, Oct 8th. They would like car in parade and a couple of judges.

John Paul told the story about Talimena Ride. (See newsletter for details).

Avinger Wine Festival was a good turnout. Full story in Texarkana Gazette and look for Unique Corvette.

Run to Dakota Steakhouse was good. All said the food was good.

John Pearce will talk to Scott Peters and organize an Officers meeting they talked to vendors at the Avinger Wine Festival.

John Pearce attended Winnsboro car show and got 2nd place. Christmas Party will be bus ride to Natchitoches, La December 10?? Next month is time to elect officers.

See newsletter or Dennis e-mails for activities. Meeting adjourned, John Eaves and Kathy Rosborough. Louise Paul

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Whataburger Cruise Night October 2016

Last Cruise of the Year Out With a Bang!

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Dangerfield Car Show October 8, 2016

The Dangerfield Car show was following the parade through downtown Dangerfield. The weather was near perfect. TOGCC had beauti-ful entries. As is often the case President John Pearce won the only trophy for the Club.

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Russ Shepard Teck Page

Front Wheel Hubs C5

Rember the days when you had to replace the front wheel bearings on your car and it was a quick trip to the auto parts store and $50 you replaced both sides well those days are gone! I was driving my C5 back from Houston and heard what apeared a rough bearing sound. After some troubledhooting it was the front wheel bearings. So I removed the wheels and discovered the fornt bearings are a sealed unit which includes the wheel hubs, studs, front bearing and wheel sensor. You can not remove the hub from the spindle due to the lower ball joint nut interference. Not a complacated process but you have to remove the spindles, knock out the tierods and remove the swaybar link to remove the hub assembly. Remember the $50 I mentioned well now the Chevrolet cost for AC Delco replacements is $540 each less club discount or $1052.52. I replaced both sides and the bearing growel is now slient.

Russ Shepard

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Terry’s Tech Page

All my life I always wanted to have my cars be as load as they could be. Somewhere along the line I got old and decided that I actually liked to listen to music or talk to my wife. Fortunately my Corvette has Bi-modal exhaust. My problem is it started staying open. In TOGCC we have several very talented members. When it comes to technical electrical problems my choice and very good friend is Terry Hawkins. An hour after letting Terry know my problems he researched and came up with the necessary solution.

Bi-modal exhaust on C6 stays open.

If your bi-modal exhaust stays open or will not close intermittently, you may have a bad vacuum control solenoid, The solenoid is mounted on the frame member behind the bumper and can be accessed by removing the passenger side taillights. Obviously, you cannot check the voltage to the solenoid if it is blowing fuses until you remove it from the circuit…A quick test is to remove the solenoid and if the fuse does not blow, it is probably a defective solenoid. With the solenoid out of the circuit, you can check the voltage from the control module, and it should be 14V with the car running. There is a protective cover over the solenoid that can be removed by removing the Christmas tree trim fastener on the right hand side. We removed the complete cover and the solenoid bracket, but if want to save time, the cover can be folded back, and the solenoid will un-clip from the bracket. From there it is a simple task of transferring the vacuum lines and electri-cal connector to the new solenoid. Be careful not to damage the vacuum line connections when re-moving them. (The new solenoid we purchased actually came with the bracket, but did NOT have the dust cover on the vented end of the solenoid, so transfer whatever parts you need) New sole-noid part number is GM 25794610. Note, there is also a part number 25794609 that comes with new vacuum lines from the solenoid to the exhaust actuator valves.

Replace the tail light and you are done! Dust cover on solenoid. Labor time about 1 hour. Thanks Terry, Dennis [JACG]

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After 80 issues of TOGCC newsletter I am going to say that is enough. It’s time to let someone else have the position. I will still do the weekly emails and help with Club mem-bership duties if desired.


First Tuesday of each month join us at the Jalapeno Tree Restaurant in Longview, Texas for the Monthly TOGCC Club Meet-ing. Restaurant is at the inter-section of highway 259 and highway 80. Come early and join us for dinner and great company. Restaurant starts seating at 5:45 pm and the

Club Meeting starts at 6:30. See you there!!!!!

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