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“New Members Cars, Old Member New Cars”

Down through the years we have tried to recognize new members cars, existing members new cars. If you have not seen your car or been recognized in these pages, please let me know. If I have a picture of your car in my files, I will be glad to include it here. If I dont have a picture, you might supply me with one or catch me with my camera and we will take care of that.

One of the last cars new to the Club belong to Joe and Linda McKinney. Feast your eyes on this Z06 Beauty:

Our newest Member Michael Diana Peloquin from Jefferson has a 1999 Black Convertible. I will be get-ting their picture as soon as I can.

Our other newest members Nick and Kim Mele have a 2009 Silver coupe. I will be getting a picture of their car as soon as possible.

We all love our Corvettes. If you have anything of special interest to the membership of the club, I would be glad to try and get it into the pages of upcoming Vette Chatter Newsletters.

On the following page our very own Russ Shepard has added a new car to his collection. Its not red, at least not yet, What the future holds in store is anyone’s guess.

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A brief description of the Car:

One owner for 43 years, 1972,Corvette Coupe  37, 350 CI  300 HP  360 Ft. Lb. Torque

K (Rebuilt), Sun Flower Yellow – 912, Interior Black (Vinyl)  400, Automatic Transmission

M40, Power Steering  N40, Power Breaks  J50, Power Windows A31, Air Conditioning

C60, T-Tops, Removable Rear Window, Three Point Seat Belts  AV3, AM-FM Radio  U69, Built in St Louis, 27,004 Built in 1972 20,496 Coupes

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I have already started making personal changes to the coupe with chang-ing the tires and wheels from the stock 15 combination rally wheels and BF Goodrich TAs to 17 American Racing Torque Thrust M wheels and Nitto tires. The new exhaust just arrived today so that will be the next weekends project. I will remove the existing miss-matched exhaust pipe system and install a 409 stainless steel mandrel bent tubing system from the long tube headers to a cross member back Force II, X pipe, Flowmas-ter mufflers and custom rolled tips. That should help the sound be the way it is supposed to be. I have also replaced some of the chrome trim like the license plate bezel, exhaust tip bezels and cross flag emblems front and back. You all know me and the story about front license plates well I have already removed the front plate on this car also. When I was aligning the front bumper down trim to the right and left birdcages on the front of the car I had to remove the license plate and mounting bracket to make the necessary adjustments. Behind the mounting bracket was a nice grill that matched the birdcages on the front end. I very quickly fabricat-ed two extensions to the mounting brackets and moved the hidden grill out front where it should be. Whoa and behold there was no room left for the front plate.

Keep in touch there will be a lot more changes to come along items like a new leather interior, power rack and pinion steering, tilt column, Momo Steering wheel, LT1 hood, big block engine and finally a paint job to fin-ish it off. It may take me a little while to get it all done but this is exactly what I love to do! Russ

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Expanding the Corvette World

Recently Butch Westcott, Activity Director of River Cities Corvette Club, contacted us (TOGCC) to see if we would be interested getting together with other Clubs in the Area for some shared activities. The Clubs, Texarkana Club, Southern Knights, River Cities, Northwest Louisiana Corvette Club and TOGCC.

On January 23, we got together at Margaretville Casino at Bossier City for breakfast. Although I didnt get an actual head count I estimate that there were about 50 Corvette enthusiast.

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“Vette Chatter Club Minutes”

January 2016

January 5, 2016

John Pearce called meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Louise Paul read minutes of December meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Gregg Caraway and Linda McKinney.

Linda McKinney gave the treasury report of $5,589.86 and she has several membership checks to deposit. A motion was made to accept the report by Ken Gunnell and John Pearce.

John Pearce named the officers for this coming year. NO NEW MEMBERS


We talked about sending Peters Chevrolet a Thank You letter.

John Pearce asked treasurer Linda McKinney to send check in to renew Club Insurance. We have the same coverage but the fee has increased by $25.

John Pearce said there would be a car show committee meeting after club meet-ing.

A motion was made to adjourn by John Paul and Ken Gunnell. Respectfully submitted,

Louise Paul

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“Tech Tip From our resident “Tech Specialist Terry Hawkins”

For All C7 Owners: It appears that there is a problem plaguing some C7 owners with the sophisticated fuel door locking system. C7 owners have found that the fuel door automatically locks when you lock the car, and unlocks when you open the drivers door, plus there is no manual release like on the C5s and C6s.

Sounds great, but several owners are already reporting that their fuel door failed to unlock. One guy even ripped the fuel door off at the gas station. I thought about running my own manual release, but decided to just remove the lock motor. Note, it is not a typical solenoid, but a motor that drives the pin to the locked position, and to the unlocked position, similar to the old steering column lock motors that every-one bypassed.

Below is a couple of photos of the lock motor, and what you see when you remove the wheel well liner. The wire to the motor was a water tight connector, so I capped it off to keep it sealed from moisture.

Terry Hawkins

For those of you that dont know Terry, not only is a great friend but a very talented and well educated engineer. From time to time Terry solves some of the most ticklish problems that we have with our Cor-vettes. This particular problem may never hit you just like the steering column lock did not hit every C5 Owner. It did me and was a tremendous headache. I dont know how you deal with this problem the first time you pull into a gas station and cant get the fill door to open. As Terry mentioned one driver pried his fuel door cover off with a screw driver or such. Another option might be to drive until you run out of gas and hire a rollback to take your corvette to the deal-er. It appears to me that Chevrolet needs to correct this with a recall or to in-stall a manual release like was found in C5s and C6s.

Should I ever find myself with a C7, I will be getting together with Terry.


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Vette Chatter Page 8

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Club Officers for 2016
President: John Pearce Vice President:Heath Pickering
Website Administrator: Russ Shepard Secretary: Louise (Weezie) Paul
Treasure: Linda McKinney NCM Ambassador : Russ Shepard
Newsletter Editor: Dennis Dick (Temp) Activities Director: (Open)
Board of Director: Jerry Schroeder Club Shirts: Wayne White
Courtesy Card Coordinator: Louise Paul

First Tuesday of each month join us at the Jalapeno Tree Restaurant in Longview, Texas for the Monthly TOGCC Club Meet-ing. Restaurant is at the inter-section of highway 259 and highway 80. Come early and join us for dinner and great company. Restaurant starts seating at 5:45 pm and the

Club Meeting starts at 6:30. See you there!!!!!

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If you happen to like auto racing, and I do. This was one to watch. It was the Rolex 24 at Daytona. I think the race started about 2:15 PM Saturday, January 30. Of course a 24 hour race takes 24 hours. They dont even televise the whole race. They start televising the race, cover it for several hours and then jump to another channel or possibility stop tel-evising it for several hours. Because I didnt remember that this was the race weekend I missed several hours of the start. Saturday evening I stumbled across the race just surfing. I watched until the cut out at 9:00 or so Saturday evening. Then this morning started watching again around 10 AM Sunday January 31.

If you are not accustomed to watching these races, they have four classes all running at the same time. The first class it very fast. The second class is almost as fast as the first class. The third Class (where the Factory Corvettes race) is still very fast and the forth class, still fast just not as fast as the first three classes.

The GTLM class will include a pair of entries from BMW Team RLL, two from Corvette Racing, one full -season Ferrari entry from Risi Competizione and a second Ferrari for selected rounds from Krohn Racing in conjunction with Risi, two factory-backed Porsche 911 RSRs from Porsche North America, one Por-sche 911 RSR which will make its season debut in the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Fueled by Fresh from Florida in March from Team Falken Tire, and a pair of SRT Viper GTS-Rs from SRT Motorsports. GTLM will also include a part-time entry from Aston Martin Racing. All submitted GTLM entries were accepted –

Around 10 AM Sunday the Corvettes were 1 & 2 in class. I was excited. Then watched both cars fall back. They worked their way back to the front for the finish. It would not have been good to take my Blood Pressure during the last 10 minutes. It was that exciting. They raced each other (very dangerous) the least little slip would take out both cars. What a great way to start the season for Corvettes. The next race is the 12 hours of Sebring, at Sebring, FL. I believe it is March 18-19. I’ll be watching. Dennis


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Linda McKinney Treasurer 903-746-4975
Russ Shepard NCM Ambassador 903-237-8274
Dennis Dick Newsletter Editor (Temp) 903-736-4537
(Open) Activities Director
Jerry Schroeder Board of Director 903-720-8798
Wayne White Club Shirts 903-240-5155
Louise Paul Court. Card Coordinator 903-985-2799

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