Volume 15 – Issue 2 – February 2016

Monthly Club Meeting At the Jalapeno Tree

February 2016

Peters Chevrolet

Is Proud To Sponsor

Touch Of Glass Corvette Club

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This month was an extra special meeting as we had several Guest in attendance from Peters Chevrolet. Peters has renewed as our primary sponsor for 2016 and also provided and additional donation for a great year of Corvette sales in 2015. Scott Peters presented these two checks to President John Pearce. John also presented Scott with a Plaque for the Clubs appreciation to Peters for all the Dealership has done for TOGCC this past year.

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Terry’s Tech Page

The question is: Will a Level 1 Z06 Front splitter fit a base Stingray? And the answer is: Of Course it will!

 Especially if Terry Hawkins undertakes this upgrade. In Terrys own words: GM installs this splitter with metal rivets, but I used the same bumper cover screws and U-nuts that attach the bumper cover. (Less trouble if I ever need to remove or replace it.) You can reach all the screws from inside the bumper cover to attach a washer and nut, except for the two center holes. For those, use a plastic push in rivet. The rear holes on the new splitter use existing bumper holes, but you do have to drill extra holes to attach it on the leading edge. Terry Hawkins

If you would chose to make this enhance-ment to your Stingray, I be-lieve Terry has all the answers and would be glad to assist.

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Feb 6,2016 It appears that there was about 24 folks made this trip. One of the better Cat Fish restau-rants in these parts. Sorry I missed it. Maybe next time. Dennis

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The other day I was passing down memory lane, these are some of the sights I saw. I’ve been a member of TOGCC for some twelve or thirteen years. That is long enough to have a lot of memories. Didn’t really start taking pictures until about 2009 or so. Pictures help with the memories. Dennis

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New Corvettes

Used Corvettes

If you can’t find a Corvette here, You probably don’t really want one!!

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February 2, 2016

John Pearce called meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Louise Paul read the minutes from the January meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Carla Salmon and Heath Pickering.

Linda McKinney read the treasury report. As of February 2, 2016 we have $5,322.53. Peters renewed their sponsorship for 2016. A motion was made to accept the treasury’s report by Herman Shepherd and Heath Pickering.


Mike Peloquin joined our club and he has a 1999 Black Convertible. CLUB BUSINESS:

John Paul went over car show information. We are trying to revamp the growth of the club by changing the venue. We are looking at the Hilton for Sept, 22, 23, 24. We are looking for different activities for entertainment and possibly have a small parade around the Longview area.

John Pearce presented Scott Peters and his team at Peters Chevrolet an appreci-ation letter and plaque in recognition of their support to our club.

Scott Peters said that Peters Chevrolet is honored to be our Club Sponsor and they will continue to support us.

John Pearce reminded everyone that dues were due.

50/50 drawing was $102. The big winner was Linda Cates.

A motion was made to adjourn meeting by Fred Christy and Heath Pickering.

Louise Paul


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Club Officers for 2016

President: John Pearce Vice President:Heath Pickering
Website Administrator: Russ Shepard Secretary: Louise (Weezie) Paul
Treasure: Linda McKinney NCM Ambassador : Russ Shepard
Newsletter Editor: Dennis Dick (Temp) Activities Director: (Open)
Board of Director: Jerry Schroeder Club Shirts: Wayne White
Courtesy Card Coordinator: Louise Paul

First Tuesday of each month join us at the Jalapeno Tree Restaurant in Longview, Texas for the Monthly TOGCC Club Meet-ing. Restaurant is at the inter-section of highway 259 and highway 80. Come early and join us for dinner and great company. Restaurant starts seating at 5:45 pm and the

Club Meeting starts at 6:30. See you there!!!!!

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2015 TOGCC

Peters Chevrolet Directory

Officers / Other Positions
John Pearce President 903-746-7526
Heath Pickering Vice President 281-750-9791
Russ Shepard Website Administrator 903-237-8274
Louise Paul Secretary 903-985-2799
Linda McKinney Treasurer 903-746-4975
Russ Shepard NCM Ambassador 903-237-8274
Dennis Dick Newsletter Editor (Temp) 903-736-4537
(Open) Activities Director
Jerry Schroeder Board of Director 903-720-8798
Wayne White Club Shirts 903-240-5155
Louise Paul Court. Card Coordinator 903-985-2799

Website: TOGCC.org

The deadline for all newsletter articles will be the 20th. of each month. E-Mail to dennis.dick@sbcglobal.net

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www.peterscars.com (877) 615-3187

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