Volume 16 – Issue 7 – August/Sept 2016


Most Years our TOGCC makes a run to Talihina,OK, then run the 52 miles of Tali-mena Scenic Parkway to Mena, AR. This is a Colorado Mountain Run with 15 mph corners with 100 mph straight a ways, all takes place in Oklahoma and ends in Arkan-sas. Typically we leave Longview on a Saturday Morning, cruise most of the day on roads that were designed for Corvettes. Eat a fantastic steak dinner at the Chopping Block Steak House. Fellowship with a adult beverage at the motel. Rest of Story p.2

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This year started out like most other years. In addition to some of the regular Corvette lovers that make the run we had first timers for this run Scott & Wendy Kaufman with their slightly modified Coupe. I could tell when they drove in at Peters this car was cammed up and later found out it is highly modified.

All was going well until we were about to get to Talihina. Scott & Wendy’s Car started to throw some codes and started to overheat. It appeared that was going to settle down, and might be OK. Then Deb, Larry, Scott & Wendy, and I got separated. Although I have been there several times I got covered up in dumb. I had us take the wrong road. When you obviously have taken the wrong turn, driving faster does not fix the situation. Fortunately Wendy’s use of the I-Phone GPS got us back where we needed to be. Albeit it was probably and extra 30 miles of new scenery. Although we were now on course things started to go south, and I don’t mean to Texas. I got a phone call that Russa’s Z06 had developed a serious engine problem. Fortunately Heath Pickering did not make the trip with us. That means that Heath was still in Texas with his car hauler. So a quick call to Heath to bring his trailer to the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge to retrieve Russas Z06. I was committed to return to Texas Saturday so left the party there. The rest of the story is only hearsay from those that stayed on. It appears that there was a heavy use of jumper cables to start all the cars that you couldn’t push start. A trailer to tow back one disable Corvette and one rollback to hall another Corvette back to Longview.

I hope this wont sour anyone from making this trip in the future. I hate to admit it, but I actually had a lot of fun on this day.


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Whataburger Cruise Night

August 4, 2016, each summer month Whataburger has a Car Show that they call a Cruise Night.

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Sabine High School

Car Show for Supporting High School Band

August 13,2016 TOGCC decided to support and attend the Car Show. We only had 3 Members enter cars in the Show. Tony Jones entered his Yellow Camaro with the awesome 502 Engine and Wayman McMil-lan entered his Chevelle with LS9 Corvette Engine with over 700 HP, and of course your authors Grand Sport Convertible. There were several great Corvettes. Steve and Christine had their awesome Z06 and Yellow Stingray convertibles. The day was only 88 degrees but the humidity was oppressive. There were hamburgers, hot dogs, dunking booth, good music. Was a good day and I was glad to attend and support.

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Heads up Display (HUD) Repair

I know many of you have the convenient option of the Heads Up display in your C5, C6 or C7s. This is a great option which gives you vital information displayed on your windshield keeping you from having to look down at the instrument gauges on the dash. Well on a trip back from visiting some of my friends in Gonzales Louisiana. I was traveling on somewhat of a bumpy road and all the suddenly the heads up display on the windshield was vibrating every time you hit the slightest crack in the road. If you use it to monitor you speed, as I always do, it will drive you crazy. When I got home I had to get that fixed. All of the information I could gather said this was a big job and most guys would just take it to the dealer for repair. I have always told Herman I could fix anything and in this case she used that against me, You told me you could.. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Here are a few pictures of the process to fix it.

First you must remove the dash which includes the Console, Navigation System, Radio, Instrument Cluster, Glove Box, Steering Wheel and then the dash can come out. Can you see the HUD yet?

It is located behind the air conditioning duct that runs all the way across the top and feeds both sides and the center vents. Several guys recommend a shortcut to remove only the instrument cluster and cut the AC vent to access the HUD unit. I looked at that when I had the instrument cluster out and decided that is not a good option. Besides they must have baby hands because there was no way I could get my hands back there to unbolt the HUD unit without removing the dash. Also I was not comfortable with trying to seal up the ducting after it was cut out.

Here is what I found when I got the HUD unit out. There is bracket with an extruded pin that inserts into the mirror that reflects the display on your windshield (see below). As simple as it sounds the bracket just fell off leaving the mirror lying in the bottom of the case, hence causing the vibration affect I experienced.

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To fix the HUD I inserted dense foam on top of the bracket which causes some compression when you install the top half of the housing. The fix on the HUD took less than twenty minutes. The rest of the job is to reinstall eve-rything back to new condition. When I was ready to reinstall the dash I called one of my Corvette Buddas (JP) to come over and help me set it in place. Once the dash was in the rest was just bolting and connecting everything back in its right place. The total job took me about twenty hours but zero dollars. I wished you didnt have to dis-assemble as much as you do to get at the HUD but it is what it is. I also have to thank the guy on Google for the detailed fifty-three page process on removing the C6 dash.

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TOGCC was invited to bring interest to the Avinger Wine Festival. During the coarse of the day I think everyone in the area stopped by and enjoyed our cars. Russ, John Pearce, Barry Cook, Robert Keys with Ginnie, Heath, and yours truly brought smiles to Avinger.

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Scott and Wendy Kaufman joined the TOGCC earlier this year. This was our first chance to enjoy their company on the Talimena Road Run. They have an awesome C5 with extensive tuning. It is my understanding that when set up with drag tries and all that goes with it, it is a 9 second car. Hope the prob-lems we had on the weekend run wont discourage them.

First Tuesday of each month join us at the Jalapeno Tree Restaurant in Longview, Texas for the Monthly TOGCC Club Meet-ing. Restaurant is at the inter-section of highway 259 and highway 80. Come early and join us for dinner and great company. Restaurant starts seating at 5:45 pm and the

Club Meeting starts at 6:30. See you there!!!!!

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