Volume 15 – Issue 4 – April 2016

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May 14, 2016 is going to be one of the largest Corvette gatherings in this part of the Country. Be sure to bring all of your Corvettes, and invite everyone you know to bring their Corvettes to this gathering. No judging, no trophies, no Cost, and Free Lunch for all registered Corvettes.

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The next 2 pages are Tech Articles from Russ Shepard. My wife calls him Russ (can fix anything) MacGyver. Not only fix anything, but restore it to better than original. Russ may well be the most talented all-around individual that I know. The

TOGCC has been a recipient of Russ’s skills and dedication in so many ways over the past several years. Thanks Russ.

All that was needed was a GM to MOMO adapter.

I am sure you have all seen Tim Allen in the TV show Tool Time. As you know he never had much use for instructions. Well thats not me but when the instructions come with only three pictures and no words, how hard could this be? The task was to install a new MOMO universal steering wheel. Before purchasing I checked to make sure it would work on my 1972 Stingray. All that was needed was a GM to MOMO adapter. No problem. I purchased one and waited for the parts to come in. Not to get off track, but I have had a lot of parts coming in over the last few weeks. Well I come home for lunch one day and Herman is all fixed up, so I asked her if she was going anywhere. She replied no, but commented that she was waiting for the FedEx delivery. When I got home that evening I asked if my package had come and she replied yeah, and she was not happy, I asked why? and she said that when she went into the house for something the FedEx driver just set the package in the garage and left. I replied, yeah I got a call from FedEx telling me there was some crazy lady chasing the Fed Ex truck down the street waving her arm franticly, and yelling Hey I’m here Hey, HEY, HEEEYY! Anyway back to the steering wheel. One of the objectives was to retain the horn function. I removed the original steering wheel expos-ing the horn plunger and blinker assembly where the wiring is all connected. I removed the blinker assem-bly to see which wire would be required to attach to the new hub. Oh I also called our resident engineer Terry Hawkins over to take a look before I made a hasty decision with the wiring. We looked it over and decided that two wires operated the horn, which made sense to me, one power, one ground, one pink and black, one black. So I proceeded to cut them from the blinker assembly and hook them to the new horn plate provided with the new hub. It had two wire connections on the back which made it make perfect sense to me. I hooked them to the horn plate reconnected the battery to test it and grounded it against the steering shaft and the horn worked  all the time, it would not shut off. So we went back to the GM manual which was not much help related to the wiring diagram. At that point I called it a night, and did a little more research which did not help at all. Terry did the same. After pondering it for a while Terry called me and said he did not believe I needed to cut the wires off the blinker assembly, remember I did say something about hasty. So I reconnected the wires back as original, and ran a wire connecting di-rectly to the horn plunger, ran a ground loop on the new horn plate and everything worked as it should. If you have this task, here is a picture of the correct way to hook it up.

Russ Shepard

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I also installed new door panels. Here are a few pictures of that. The only thing about this job was once I removed the original door panels there was forty-three year old grease on everything, which made all the rod connections stiff. Once everything was cleaned up and new lithium grease applied everything operated much easier. Automotive Painting

I’m not sure how many of you perform automotive paint work, or would like to, but let me share my expe-rience with you. Now I have painted many cars, and know the proper preparation process. Just recently I purchased a new big block hood for my 1972 Stingray; it came in virgin gel coat. The proper steps would be to wet sand it and paint a primer sealer on it before final coating. I use a DeVilbiss high volume low pressure paint gun. I have a 7 ½ HP, two stage, 175 psi compressor, Sharpe filter and regulator set up. One thing they tell you is that if you paint you need to have your filter system twenty-five foot from your compressor. When I got my new compressor, I was not painting anything, so I had my filter system mounted on the wall in the compressor room, only about five-foot away. It had never been a problem un-til I painted my hood. While applying the final color some water moisture or oil residue ran through the line and created spots in the paint called fish eyes. Upon investigating the problem I discovered that the drain on my compressor was plugged up, only letting a few drops of condensation from the tank each time I opened the drain valve, so I thought everything was good to go. I could not find anything else that would cause this problem, so I decided to remove the drain pipe and ball valve to check it out.well the elbow was plugged solid. I cleaned it out and then checked the tank it was plugged solid also. I bent a piece of weld rod and proceeded to punch it through the obstruction. Two and a half gallons of water drained out on the floor, I know this because I cleaned it up into a bucket.

Next step was to hook up the airline to meet the specs for painting. I ordered a new Transair piping sys-tem and ran it throughout my shop. Next I purchased three filters to clean the air, one for particulate, one for oil and one for final air to .0001 micron. This system has auto discharge on each filter and red green indicators so you can see if they need maintenance. I can assure you I will never have that problem again. I sanded all the paint off of the hood and started over. I am primed and ready for final coat once


Russ Shepard

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TOGCC Awards Ceremony for 2015 Club Officers

Board Of Director Jerry Schroeder Secretary Kathy Rosborough

Activities Director Bill Salmon Treasurer Carla Salmon

Vice President Heath Pickering Newsletter Editor Dennis Dick President John Pearce

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Touch of Glass Corvette Club Meeting April 5, 2016

President John Pearce Called meeting to order at 6:30 PM

Weezie was not here and Dennis Dick read the minutes from March meeting. The minutes were accepted by Heath Pickering and Carla Salmon

Secretary Report: Linda McKinney gave the Treasure’s report and was accepted by Dennis Dick and Russ Shepard.

Guest was David Simpson; he is running for Texas State Senator.


Cars from cave-in at museum are being rebuilt.

JP has flyers to pass out for upcoming Corvette Roundup. Everything is set up with the ICE HOUSE. All must register by 11 AM to get an arm band to get free lunch, etc.

Asking everyone to get sponsors to pledge money for each car. All proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House. Will have Dunking Booth; 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM to raise money.

Plaques were handed out to last years Club officers:

Jerry Schroder  Club Board Member (Correct Spelling for Jerry Schroeder)

Dennis Dick  Newsletter Editor

Bill Salmon  Activity Director

Carla Salmon  Treasurer

Kathy Rosborough Secretary

Heath Pickering  Vice President

John Pearce  President

Acknowledge All Club Volunteers that make our club Happen.

John Paul got a new 2003 Z06 50th Anniversary Corvette

50/50 was $44. Sheryl Caraway won $22.

Motion to adjourn accepted by Sheryl Caraway and John Paul

Submitted by: Linda Cates

Thank you Linda Cates to taking notes for me. Weezie

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25th Anniversary Of Whataburger Cruise Night

Vette Chatter page 7

The Whataburger Cruise Night is the First Thursday of each of the Spring, Summer, and Fall Months. I will try and remember to send a reminder each month for this event.

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Vette Chatter Page 8

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May 7, Corvette Show at W. Monroe, LA At (Hooters Restaurant)

May 14, Corvette Roundup See front page of this newsletter

See the May issue of Vette Chatter for coverage of the Hot Springs Car Show.

First Tuesday of each month join us at the Jalapeno Tree Restaurant in Longview, Texas for the Monthly TOGCC Club Meet-ing. Restaurant is at the inter-section of highway 259 and highway 80. Come early and join us for dinner and great company. Restaurant starts seating at 5:45 pm and the

Club Meeting starts at 6:30. See you there!!!!!

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